Quantitative research – Qualitative research – Integrated research

We use a mixture of traditional and innovative research techniques.

Qualitative techniques range from face-to-face depth interviews and focus groups to online communities. Quantitative approaches range from in-street interviews and telephone surveys to online panels and web surveys.

More advanced techniques include Conjoint and MaxDiff trade off, Implicit Association Testing (IAT), facial tracking and regression based driver analysis.

Using research to understand what customers value …

Recent examples include:

  • Conjoint for developing the most impactful propositions
  • MaxDiff for optimum Loyalty scheme and marketing incentives
  • Drivers analysis to understand what really motivates a willingness to pay premium prices
  • Market usage and attitude surveys to identify current position and white space for innovation

Using research to understand how well value is being delivered …

Recent examples include:

  • Implicit Association Testing / Reaction Time Testing to understand brand warmth

  • Customer satisfaction and NPS surveys for senior management to track the health of key relationships
  • Monthly brand attitude and advertising awareness tracking via online panel
  • Bespoke communities for regular health checks on behaviour and attitudes
  • Optimising customer communications to maximise understanding and desired actions” Optimising customer communications to maximise understanding and desired actions
  • Employee research to understand internal understanding and reaction to new brand positioning
  • Mystery shopping to monitor service standards and implementation of sales strategies